HELVECO, one of the customers of Rambo Club, has become the first batch of foreign-founded enterprise entering the Chengdu(Shuangliu) Pilot Free Trade Zone

2017-04-28 17:56:25
April 1, 2017, Chengdu (Shuangliu) Pilot Free Trade Zone was launched officially. One of the customers of Rambo Club----Swiss Luxury brand HELVECO, entered Chengdu (Shuangliu) Pilot Free Trade Zone officially. Mr. Rabih Aljord, the founder & CEO of HELVECO, also attended the launching ceremony as a representative of foreign-founded enterprise. HELVECO entered China officially and the headquarters rooted in Chengdu.

【Left: first one is HELVECO CEO Rabih Aljord 】

Overview of Shuangliu Pilot Free Trade Zone

Shuangliu Pilot Free Trade Zone has special customs areas(occasion) of the customs bonded area, bonded logistics base, the world express mail base, the World Mail Exchange Bureau, and it is the only urban area in the central and western regions that has international hub airport, integrated bonded area as well as airport bonded logistics center. The pilot area is the main basement of Chengdu cross-border electricity business, and its obvious advantages will bring great opportunities for the development of HELVECO.

Pilot area has signed the contracts with 25 companies in a total investment of nearly 18 billion yuan which cover multiple fields. On that day, there is also a launching ceremony for "Hello, World - Online New Silk Road, the First Order of Bonded Stock Mode of Cross-border E-commerce of Sichuan Province". HELVECO, as the first batch of foreign-founded enterprise entering the pilot free trade zone, received its business license on the spot and its business scope mainly involves watch, leather products and jewelry.

Rambo Club: foreign-related one-stop integrated service operator

With almost one month’s efforts, Chengdu Rambo Club Technology has helped the Swiss customer Mr. Taishan (Rabih Aljord) to complete the company registration and root its headquarters in Chengdu, becoming the first batch of foreign-funded enterprises entering the free trade area!

Rambo Club, as the professional foreign-related one-stop service operator of Chengdu, provides four major services for foreigners: house leasing, job hunting, business and travel. It is the first option for the expats who are in Chengdu or coming soon. Our current customers are coming from all over the world, like France, Germany, Belgium, the United States, America, Morocco, etc.

Together Service Apartment is the main foreign-related business part of Chengdu Rambo Technology Co., Ltd. In the name card of Chengdu ----Chunxi Road/ Tai Koo Li shopping area, we provide our customers who are coming here for business and travel, a comfortable accommodation with fine decoration, clear and five-star service. The sizes of our apartments are from 68 ㎡ to 130㎡ which are cozy, clean as well as safe, just feel like at your own home.

【Mr.Taishan(Rabih Aljord)lives in Together service apartment】

Wherever you come, for us, just TOGETHER! The apartment is ideally located in a prime location, with a warm and upscale housing environment and five-star service, we offer a meticulous and thoughtful home experience for the Chinese and foreign customers. We are glad to take you to feel the warmth of this city.

For more details, please call: +86-138 8051 7088, or follow our official WeChat account. We are looking forward to your visit.
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