A Hit That the Panda Makes a Proposal Conspicuously in Chengdu IFS

2017-05-10 16:16:55
Panda is one of Chengdu’s famous name cards, and you can see panda elements everywhere. Without doubt, the panda climbing in the wall is the most popular internet celebrity among pandas, which is loved by millions. And now, it is a landmark and a small attraction of Chunxi Road.
A six-meter tall panda makes a proposal with a diamond ring

On May 1, Mr. Panda holds a big diamond ring in Chengdu Chunxi Road pedestrian street, facing the sky, getting down on one knee, looking up the most popular internet celebrity panda which is climbing on IFS building, and making a spoony proposal.

Mr. Panda makes a high-profile show and says affectionately: I only love you in my whole life, can you be my wife?

Staying here for a long time, IFS panda takes photos with countless tourists, and wait till a spoony suitor without expectation.

Panda’s proposal makes a hit in social networks, netizens follow up and do parodies of it

National treasures fell in love, lots of people come and have a look, and everyone rush to take photos with the panda, which makes a hit of social media in Chengdu.

Sent away the bystanders, netizens start to make some PS crazily:

I heard someone talking about my beauty behind me!

Interviewer: why would you reject the proposal from downstairs?

It’s not because that his legs are short, but how could he protect me for he’s not as tall as me?

I don’t discriminate against fat people, but he really should go to the gym first.

He doesn’t have a proper job and he only knows how to show MOE.

Just meet on the proposal, I’ve been here for so long, what was he doing?

Mmmm, actually he is a good panda, but we are not suitable.

What matters most is: I am he not she!

After one night rain and wind, the diamond broke into two petals

On May 3, here is the ending of IFS panda’s proposal: after a heavy wind in the night, the big diamond was blown to the ground into two petals. It seems that love can’t stand the test of wind and rain, no wonder the heroine has to run and climb the wall in a hurry.

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