The New Four Great Inventions of China are Popular All Around the World! What the Young People Who are from 20 Different Countries Want to Take Away are.......

2017-05-12 18:12:30
Recently, a reporter interviewed with dozens of young people of different nationalities randomly in the streets of Beijing, to ask them: What do you want to bring back to your hometown from China?

Among which, there are four things owning the highest rate of appearance, and foreigners are surprised and call them as China's "new four great inventions", they are:

1. Online shopping (network)
2. High-speed rail
3. Alipay
4. Shared bikes

Cambodia, Poland, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand ... ... Interviews over 20 nationalities, they are shocked by China's infrastructure and convenience services, and have expressed their views:

“Chinese people can do anything with the help of science and technology.”

"I never used a handbag or wallet, never, I just take my cell phone, you can pay anything by it.”

"I bought things on Taobao, after two weeks, the boss called me to give evaluation. In Europe, there is no call from the store after I bought goods from them."

"I would like to bring the teaism back to Malaysian medical system to add a new choice."
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